What We Do


Managing a construction project can be a daunting task. It is essential that all aspects of each project, including the budget and completion deadline, are followed carefully and met at the end of a project. At Goecker Construction, Inc., we believe in providing a comprehensive project management service for both our commercial construction clients. When we are managing your project, you will find that we take accountability for all elements of the project, and eliminate any potential stress, hassle or inconvenience.

What Goecker Construction, Inc. Can Do for You

Here are a few of the professional services that we offer to each of our commercial clients:

  • Complete design-build package
  • Competitive bid
  • Time and material
  • Construction maintenance
  • Emergency commercial repairs
  • Property development and leasing
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engineer meeting for an architectural project. working with partner and engineering tools working on blueprint architectural project at the construction site at desk in the office.

Design Build

At Goecker Construction, Inc. we believe in offering our clients a full service design package. We do not subscribe to the “one in-house designer fits all” theory, but rather team with architectural firms throughout the region to best meet each client’s unique project requirements. We work closely with the design team and the client throughout the design process to help ensure the best possible design within the client’s budget and time schedule.

New home construction framing.

Pre-engineered Steel

Goecker Construction, Inc. offers customized pre-engineered steel buildings to meet our clients’ specific needs. Whether it is a warehouse or a complex school or church facility, we have the expertise to design a building to your individual requirements. We use Chief Industries’ pre-engineered steel buildings, a leader in the market, with the buildings being manufactured in Indiana.

Signing of contracts for construction contractors for housing projects.

Development and Leasing

Goecker Construction, Inc. offers our commercial clients development and leasing options through a sister company, South Central Development and Leasing, L.L.C. They offer leasing for:

  • Long and short-term warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Commercial
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Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

It is far better to plan building maintenance in advance than to be carrying out repairs after the damage has been done. At Goecker Construction, Inc., we are happy to come and discuss your requirements from either a commercial or domestic standpoint, in order to provide you with a schedule of planned maintenance that will save money and disruption in the longer term.

In addition to our planned maintenance, we can also carry out reactive maintenance on an emergency basis where required, or on a less urgent basis as necessary as a result of a burst water pipe to replacing a roof due to storm damage.

Whatever your requirements, Goecker Construction, Inc. can help. Remember, a consultation costs you nothing but could save you a lot of money in the longer term. So don’t delay, call us today!